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A Records are what point your domain to your website hosting. The first thing you’ll need to do to add an A Record is to make sure that you are using domain's default nameservers (which point computers looking for your DNS records to where they need to go.). Once you are on our nameservers, follow the steps below:

• Log into your Domain account.
• Click on the My Domains button, located on the top right-hand corner.
• Click on the domain name you wish to create an A record for.
• Click Manage DNS Records.
• Here, you will add or edit the desired A record, typically supplied by your website provider or host.

If you were provided an IP address then you would typically create two A records: First A record Leave the drop-down menu Type as A, leave the Host field blank, and then copy and paste the IP address into the answer field. Then click the blue Add Record button. Second A record Follow the same steps as in the first record, but in the Host field add a * symbol. Once the records are created, the domain should be pointing to the web server within 24 hours.

• Go to your Domains panel
• Click in DNS > Add DNS Hosting
• Open the domain name that you want to transfer.
• Change Nameservers to Custom Nameservers
• Set those nameservers
• After you set your NS in Godaddy, go to your gateway.
• Wait a little to DNS to propagate (most of the time it's done in no time, but it can take up to 48 hours).

Forgot my control panel password?

cp passIf you for got your password or login Credential?

You will need to contact support.